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THE BAMBOO SOCIETY of GREAT BRITAIN maintains links with other bamboo societies throughout the world and holds a collection of their newsletters, which it receives by exchange.

Regular weekend visits and days out are organised for members to attend where we exchange information, plant material and friendship. Apart from bamboo most of the current members have interests and knowledge of many other plant genera.

EBS is an informal federation of national European bamboo societies, each of which has its own administration and membership. There is no central administration the society coheres through its annual general meetings, which are held in a different country in rotation. Read more

EBSGB Events

Meeting ideas for 2023

The Society is now thinking about events for 2023. If any member would like to suggest/organise a weekend or day visit in the United Kingdom then please could you let events organiser know at events


Imagine Bamboo summit

Imagine Bamboo summit Is a bamboo festival in Birmingham from 1-4 July 2022. It's free to attend. Family friendly.

How green is bamboo?

Bamboo’s Carbon footprint. http://www.inbar.int/how-green-bamboo
Bamboo products. http://www.inbar.int/new-generation-bamboo-products